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Who We Are

Fallen Firefighters Fund Board of Directors:Chairman:Ric LeoneExecutive Advisor:Denise Amigo LeoneBoard Members: Pat BodnarSusan SeilerMark GreavesStaff Photographers: James McDowell Bill WelchOur Goal:By using a bulls eye approach, we will raise money to defray funeral expenses, should the need arise in the event of an OLODD. First covering Canton, then Stark county, and on to State and National coverage of our brothers & sisters of the Fire Service. The expenses are subject to approval by the Fallen Firefighters Fund Board, and may include any need that arises from the loss of a firefighter. Although every life is precious, there has been shown little to no aid for "not in the line of duty" deaths. These will be our primary focus, for they need the most. However, every case is viewed.Donations:Please contact us for more info.

We are a 501 (c)(3) organization:ALL Donations are Tax deductible.

In September of 2002, a group of firefighters were reflecting on the wonders of the American spirit. They realized that after the horrible atrocity that occurred on 9/11, the nation banded together and gave from their hearts for the families that lost so much. The question was raised, "What about the family of the sole firefighter who gave his life trying to save a child in the Mid West? Wasn't that price just as great as those in New York?" This conversation grew, as many do in a firehouse, to each member telling a story of a funeral attended where the family was trying to raise money to cover expenses. All agreed that a family shouldn't have to worry about money at that time, yet none could think of an organization that helped should a firefighter die other than in the line of duty. Then and there the Fallen Firefighters Fund was created. Representatives of the Fund provide Support, Manpower, Financial Aid, and/or the "Little Things" to the families of Full Time Active Firefighters.We encourage other Departments to get involved. We'd love representatives from every State and Canada.

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Of your donation goes directly to the Fund and NOT to salaries click here for more info

Mission Statement:

Knowing the sacrifices we all face, we will strive to do the best we can with what we have. We will always try to help lighten the load when there is a need.

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