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Fund Raising Criteria

Fund Raising Criteria

Thank you for your interest and support of the Fallen Firefighters Fund Inc. Our policy on fund raising is to enter into agreement with either the individual or group, whereas permitting usage of our copyrighted logo and name, cross advertising said event on our web site’s "Events" page as well as adding any submitted pictures of said event in order to help promote future events. In addition you or your group will be added into the respective donor's page based on agreed upon contribution. The Fund is a 501(3)(c) organization under the IRS, which means ANY contribution is tax deductible. The Fallen Firefighters Fund Inc reserves the right to refuse usage of logo and or name after permission is agreed upon in the event it is found that promotional material is crude, tasteless, objectionable, or in any other way determined to be detrimental to the reputation of the Fund. What we would need from you: * Name of Event; Location; Dates * Name of organization promoting along with contact person * Physical address (no PO Boxes); Phone number (including area code); e-mail address * Brief Marketing Plan of event including description of event, estimated costs and revenue, etc. * Pledge amount either lump sum or percentage of sales or profits (specify net or gross) What happens next: * Your request is then submitted to the Board for review and approval. Generally a decision is made the same day. * Upon approval our lawyer draws up a contract to be sent to you or your organization. * You or your group leader signs and returns contract to us, along with any information you or your group wishes to be included on our web site for promotion (pictures may be attached in an e-mail with directions, explanations etc). * Upon receipt of your signed agreement, we will e-mail a permission letter, releasing use of our logo and name to you or your group. Likewise, we will have your promotional material on our "Events" page within 24 hours.


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Mission Statement:

Knowing the sacrifices we all face, we will strive to do the best we can with what we have. We will always try to help lighten the load when there is a need.

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